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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

CHICKENS ready for pickup July 21.
Chickens will be ready for pickup Saturday July 21 from 8-noon. If you have ordered chickens please let me know that you are going to get them Saturday. Email me or call/text 740-624-4810. The price is $3.49/lb. I may have some extras available please call for availability. 
10:06 am est

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spring is right around the corner

Spring is right around the corner and, as always, we are looking for to a new year and warm weather. We are now taking orders for chickens for June pickup. We are also in the works of putting up a high tunnel to start our vegetable operation. Our project should be complete this spring and we look forward to providing farm fresh heirloom vegetables and sweet corn (assuming the weather cooperates this year). If you've been out to our place you have probably noticed the old buildings and house, well they are coming down and making room for our store. I have been promising a store for a year now, and I think we might actually get it done this year!! We hope to see you in 2012 and hope this is a year of many blessings. 


4:23 pm est

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's 100% Grass Fed

Our beef is 100% grass fed and finished. Never EVER fed a bit of grain.

What is grass fed on a label?? It is a marketing ploy to get you to buy and pay more for a product that might not be what you think. In order to have a grass fed label you must feed the animal grass at some point in it's life.  Is this what your looking for?? Probably not.

We assure you our beef is never fed any grain ever, a good test would be to go visit a farm and take a bucket of feed and shake it, see if the cows come running. Ours will just look at you like you're crazy. They might come and check you out to see if you are going to move them to a new pasture. Just ask Dennis when they get out if the old feed in the bucket trick doesn't!!  They just know when the 4-wheeler comes it's time to move!! 

9:32 am est

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Total Health
As a part of our total health plan we are offering a line of nutritional products to improve your overall health and well-being. Whether you want to lose weight or have more energy to keep up with the kids. We have to right products for you. Click on the "Total Health" link to hear our stories and view more information on the products. 
11:47 am est

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It is almost spring and we are excited to announce that our chicks are being hatched today and will be arriving Friday. If you want to order chicken please let me know ASAP as we only have a limited amount to sell. Our chicken will be $2.69/lb and will be available for pick up May 26 after noon. Chickens must be picked up at the farm and on the 26th. You can order by filling out an online order form, emailing me, or calling me and letting me know how many you want. They will be first come first served and you pay when you pick up. Don't get left out order now!!!
1:39 pm est

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